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My car was broken into . Again. Keys were taken fortunately not for my house

On a grey pom pom keyring.  If you see them discarded anywhere please let me know. 


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does your keyring have a tag with 'REWARD' and your address and phone number on it ?

Don’t think now is the time, to make jokes tbh

cheer up tihga. my phone number and in big letters 'REWARD'. my keys were found by someone in their hedge and returned to me. they got a bottle of craft beer from me. so you see it is a very good idea. also my wallet has the same message in it. see image below.


Sorry to hear of this. Perhaps it would make more sense in future not to keep keys etc in your car.

I always leave my glove compartment open, and no clutter and it was left unscathed once when the car in front and the van behind were both ransacked. Take care.



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