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Still no Home for Books - Is the only Solution to Bin them?

Back in January, I posted about a pile of work-related type books I want to get rid of. They've proved impossible to give away, which seems rather strange. 

Is the only solution to bin them?

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Tell me about it!  If anyone wants a load of Russian books....

Hello Vaneska.

How many? what type of books - novels, history ?

c. 220 in Russian, mostly literature but not all plus books (less but I'm not sure how many) in English on Russian lit crit, history, bit of other stuff.

Hmm That's a lot. Would you be willing to select about 20 Russian literature ?. It's just to give as a present to a Russian Lady friend. Don't worry if you can't be bothered.

Or one of the charity shops? 

No one wants them. 

The charity shops next to Tesco’s and Baldwin’s accepted a lot of obscure books from me a couple of weeks ago 

Charity shops have got picky these days. 

I booked a slot at Haringeys recycling centre - they have bins there for all books - think they go to British Heart Foundation?

Thanks. I didn’t know that. It seems more hopeful than just binning them. 

Exactly - it always makes me feel Nazi in jackboots if I have to throw a book away - it has to be beyond repair before I do!

Vanitas vanitatum, omnia sunt vanitas. Harringay badly needs a Fra Savonarola to organise regular Bonfires of the Vanities. Yes, even Charles Handy and Clay Shirky. All books are clutter. Let 'em go, Hugh! 



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