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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

...And for all of you who didn't manage to get your acts together to see the steam train steaming through Harringay (Green Lanes) station and beyond... Here is a you tube link video:


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What was the reason it was coming through Harringay?

Anybody know?

Trips are run by a commercial venture. A similar thing runs on the Great Northern Line.

This one went from Southend to Winchester for a day trip. It looked pretty full - all 13 carriages. You can do the trip for around £90 in peasant class, £250 in the Pullman deluxe with flunky service. Sounds like a memorable day out. I'd only do it if they guarantee those little pots of marmalade with the breakfast. 

Here's their link.

My conversations with the enthusiasts at SoTo revealed that the train is kept in Southall, so it gets towed by a diesel loco to Southend the day before, then all the way back afterwards - so it makes four trips, but only two under steam. 'Enthusiasts' is mild - my main informer had come from Penge, on the bus cos he doesn't trust the tubes to get places on time.  Another world.

But.. how did you all know when so that you could photograph is?

What we need it a steam train watch thread that can be updated each time one is expected going through Harringay

In this case, thanks to this post from michaelw.

If I ever sell that photo, I owe him 10%. 

The SteamDream site has a timetable /calendar, so you can add yourself to the list of watchers.

I have zero interest in trains but was really moved by seeing this for real. It just catapulted me back to being five years old, when this was how we used to travel. Both my grandfathers worked on the railways, but I don't know more than that. 

This do you, Lisa?

We won't be keeping it up to date, But if some of the enthusiasts can, if you join up you'll get notifications when posts are made.

Great - Thanks Hugh ! :)



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