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Some American friends of mine have booked rooms in the Beaconsfield, which I thought was just a big pub, but is apparently also a hotel. The website says it is in a "quiet residential neighbourhood", though I have told my friends that it's actually on a busy road opposite a shopping centre, and could be rather noisy. But the rooms are extremely cheap for London.

Does anyone know anything about this hotel? Reviews on Tripadvisor are to say the least not very positive.

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Maddy, here's our page on local hotels. There are options, thiugh if Trip Advisor is to be believed none actually in Harringay are much cop.
I've no idea about the beaconsfield, but for tourists on a tight budget I can recommend the Youth Hostel on Euston Road

Friends of mine stayed this weekend at the Costelloe Palace on Seven Sisters Road and spoke very highly of it. It's apparently newly refurbished, feels very safe and was very good value (£250 for two nights for three people I think). I believe there's a minimum booking of two nights. 


The Rose & Crown in Stokie also now has rooms: http://www.roseandcrownn16.co.uk/, judging by their pictures and website description I'd give the Beaconsfield a miss!

I've had several people staying at the Rose and Crown and it's very nice - recently refurbished too (although even before refurbishment it was pretty decent and atmospheric). I think you can even get yourself a beer in the (lovely) pub and bring it up to the roof terrace.

The price of course is higher than some of the hotels around here, but it's still cheaper than central London. It's just a short hop away from here so I would definitely recommend it. The only downside is that they don't have many rooms and they are very popular so you have to book well in advance.

Thanks rosyrose & inkjetpack, have added those suggestions to our Local Hotels page.
Going on the general standard of the pub I wouldn't want to stay there!  But I realise that's not terribly helpful.

Hi Maddy,

Classic case here of getting what you pay for!  I think any American would be shocked!



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