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Swimming Session for Teenagers on Fridays with Selkie Swim School starting Jan 2018

We are relaunching our Teenage Fitness Swimming Sessions on Friday evenings specifically targeted at teenagers 14 years +.  

Its for those who can swim and would like to focus on fitness and stamina (will include some stroke technique aswell) . We hope that our Friday evening slot proves popular as no homework deadlines due the next day,

 Hopefully new friendships can be formed and this will be an incentive to get off their consoles and do something fun and challenging.

Please get in touch if your teenagers may be interested or you have any ideas on how we can ensure this a success. Thank you - Karen selkieswim@yahoo.com

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Sounds like an excellent idea. Was wanting something like this for my boys for a while for the reasons you suggest to follow on from the younger swimming lessons they had for years.

What age group are you targeting. Is 12 too young ? I think it would be good from year 7-age 11 plus as swimming often slacks off at secondary school.


Thanks Karen, great idea, especially the water polo.  I've emailed

Best, Glen

I think my 13 year old daughter would be interested . 




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