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Good evening, I'm looking for a stair gate for a 10 week old puppy.

Do any of you good people have one?



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Yes I have one.

Bettacare Eco Screw Fit EXTRA TALL Pet Gate in white.

Gently used but no longer need.

Original box.

All parts.

Weighs just under 3.5kg

Dimensions 380 x 35 x 995 mm

I brought it for £40 in sept this year, be willing to sell it to you for £20


Oh great, let me measure up and get back to you



cool. no pressure because if not I will stick it on ebay but be happy to sell to someone local

Hi again, is the gate 38cms wide?

If so it's too skinny.


no its 76cm wide and 96cm tall - apologies the previous things were off. Just measured it in cm.

That should fit, can I pick it up tomorrow late afternoon?

yes will direct message you - may have to connect request first

I don't have a stair gate but I'm giving away a doggy bed, would you be interested? :) 

We already have a bed, thanks for the offer

My number is 07971 475 028

I have text you



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