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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Walking up from Green Lanes, flashing lights and police on Pemberton Road. The police officer said it was a stabbing and they were looking for a knife.

He also had a very resigned look and said it was happening every day all over London but the powers that be don't seem to care.

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It's all so effing depressing.
Yep. :( we are moving soon as despite the gentrification we don't feel safe anymore.

Out of London? 

Oh Kat, Harringay will crumble into ruins without you. But, if you insist on escaping life on earth, I'm sure there'll be a spaceship or three for Proxima Centauri's planet Proxima B along any decade now. Just about four light years away - your Oyster Card should cover it. 

Thanks so much for the concern. 

Knife manufacturers could help by simply removing the points off kitchen knives. Any chef will tell you that you don't need a pointed knife for food prep.

That's a very interesting idea!!! We did find a handmade "shanking knife" in Fairland Park during the cleanup and the only dangerous bit about it was the point.

The problem is a sharp kitchen knife is unnecessarily efficient at hurting/injuring someone and is in everyone's kitchen drawer. This was a suggestion mooted by an anti-knife crime campaign.

Tools are often fitted with safety devices to make them safer to use...and primarily I'm referring to the domestic market rather than professionals like yourself. I do understand your point about the intention rather than the tool, but it would reduce accidental injuries too.

Actually I found the link to the report concerned on the BBC:

The proposal came from three emergency medicine specialists, and it's a simple one: getting rid of the points on the ends of longer kitchen knives.

Drs Emma Hern, Will Glazebrook and Mike Beckett wrote an editorial in the British Medical Journal, suggesting that since "many assaults are impulsive", government action could "drastically reduce the availability" of a "potentially lethal weapon".

So what would the effect have been if, in 2003, the government had persuaded knife manufacturers to offer a greater range of styles, with the pointed-end, long-blade design no longer the default?

Dr Beckett puts it simply: if long pointed knives had become less available, we would have seen fewer deaths from knife injuries.

Run someone over in your car. Plead SMIDSY and get off. #easy.

The fewer options you have to kill someone the less chance you'll make a rash decision. Just look at America.

Increase funding and resources I imagine.  



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