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I just wanted to start a discussion about the planning application by Paul Simon to build some blocks of flats next door to the school in Stanley Road N15 next to Harringay Road.

Do you have children at this school or you live nearby?

Haringey Planning link

Personally I think it is a bad idea.

Stanley Road is very congested in fact it is a cul-de-sac and a housing estate of 84 flats built next door to the primary school will destroy the road.

It will create lots of noise and traffic and problems for many months.

Especially for parents dropping off their kids and for children during lessons.

It is not right to allow developers to do this much better to leave the land for public use or to use it to expand the school rather than build 84 new private flats in a very built up area.

Please lets discuss what you think and if you want to you can post a comment on Haringey Council page as well

Consultation ends on the 18th of July.

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No sense. Than why you are not relocating yourself from a place where spend half of your life? What it will cost you? What about all your connections with neighbourhood? What about your kid’s life? No matter house or place is rented or owned, moving to other one it will cost you so much and of course losing your home it make you homeless, or you do offer all those people to join for free at your place?

Looks like this was approved in July.

I think it will be a visual improvement to the road, and the provision of affordable housing via social rent has been improved to 55% according to the final report.





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