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Hi there

In order to stay in London and obey Tier 4 lockdown rules we are now stuck with a family member's car that we don't have a parking space for. We don't normally drive, it was a borrow for the trip.

We are looking for any kindly folk who may have any remaining St Ann's CPZ visitor permits (or anywhere in Haringey, for that matter...) that we could buy from you to try and cushion the blow of daily parking costs.

We'd be so grateful for any help and would of course be happy to pay you and collect.

Thanks so much


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I have 2 x 2 hour and 12 x 1 hour ones that have a 2020 date on them (they don't have any years to scratch off after 2020) which you are welcome to have. They are GL (B) visitors permits. DM me if you'd like them.

that will massively help, thank you! Sending you a connection request now so I can DM you!

Hi Lucy,

I have 9 x daily, 4 x 2 hr and 5 x 1hr for Wood Green Outer if that's any help. They expire end Dec. so no good to me any more.

Thank you so much for your kind offer – we’ve just found a reasonably priced long term parking space so not needed any more, but I really do appreciate that! I’ll delete this post now. Have a lovely Christmas!



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