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This is really an adjunct to the existing LTN discussion threads.

My road in St Ann’s — previously so quiet it almost had tumbleweed blowing down it — has now become a scooter/motorbike racetrack. Because the LTN has clogged up West Green and St Ann’s roads, the newly “liberated” streets in the LTN are so clear that bikes can get up to top speed in just a few yards and they’re apparently exempt when crossing the LTN borders in the middle of the ward. This makes north/south travel for scooters and motorbikes even faster and more attractive in the LTN than it was before.

So much for safer streets; it can now be more dangerous to cross the road than it was, not less. Has anyone else noticed this in their road?

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Given the profusion of speeding motorists (with no enforcement), poor driving (with no enforcement) and illegal vehicles (e.g. motorised bikes that are essentially motorbikes), then I do wonder if there are effectively any laws for the roads these days?

We've always had fast delivery scooters in the evenings because, like you Don, our street is a very quiet one. It was much busier before we got CPZ, I was amazed at the difference once that was put in.

We also seem to have more speeding cars. Part of my road is one way now so these fast drivers seem to think they can zoom along without checking for other people. So I am having to be much more careful when I cross the road. 

So, by clearing out what little traffic there already was, the LTN has opened up a whole new area for speeding by remaining cars and bikes, uninhibited by other traffic? Win, win all round, then!

Can I please suggest Don, that if you want others to give their own observations it helps to list specific roads and junctions - perhaps with a screen grab of a map from Google. Together with your observations of the times when the problem is worse.

I'm a fan of the principle of genchi genbutsu (click for example) i.e. going to the place to take a hard look and find out what's going on at ground level. Which is what you've done and should assist the Council staff; your ward and the "cabinet" councillors;  and other residents.  Should anyone be disposed to join you in this small research project. Some will.

Others may say something along lines such as: "a review is underway, so please wait patiently and come back in six months".  Which may be unfair of me. Because maybe they are already monitoring; learning about unintended consequences as you suggest; and tweaking the schemes as needed.

By the way, have you spoken to your St Ann's ward councillors?   I don't know them. But my own past experience is that at least one councillor in a ward takes the job seriously. While another can be pretty hopeless. But you might be in luck.

Apologies if this is all obvious.

Alan — No, it’s sound advice. My original query was because I got the impression (anecdotally) that this might be a problem after having to dodge two motorbikes and a scooter all belting up Glenwood Road in line astern one morning and hearing numerous others in the course of the day. So I asked really to see if I was imagining a problem or if other people’s experiences accorded with mine; clearly some do, but there hasn’t exactly been a torrent of evidence, so perhaps I was generalising from the particular. You’re right that any complaints to councillors or Haringey should be evidence-based; meanwhile, it’d be good if the officers could answer my still-outstanding e-mail queries from August. 



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