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South Harringay Junior School on Mattison Road has a Swimming Pool & 5 light and airy rooms that can be used for meetings or exercise classes.

We are holding a consultation on use and development of the building - come to an open session, take a tour of the building & share your ideas!

Sunday           29 April      2.00 – 4.00pm

Wednesday     2 May         3.30 – 5.00pm

Friday             4 May          9.00 – 10.00am

The Swimming Pool building is on Mattison Road with the entrance in the Harringay Passage.

If you cannot come to one of the sessions but wish to contribute please contact Michael Gordon:

Email:      mgordon@shjs.haringey.sch.uk

Tel:           020 8340 2757

Write to:   Michael Gordon, South Harringay Junior School, Mattison Road, London N4 1BD


Swimming Pool and Building hire

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool on Mattison Road is approx 13 metres by 7 metres, 1 metre deep at the shallow end and 2 metres at the deep end. Children from local Schools use the pool during school hours, and approximately 500 children per week take private swimming lessons after school and at weekends.


Hall and rooms for hire

Above the swimming pool are 5 rooms of between 5m2 and 117m2. This space is also available for hire for various activities including office space.


We are looking at ways of raising large sums of money (£30k for a new pool plant and up to £200k for building refurbishment) to enable more groups and community members to use it.

If you are interested in hiring the pool or one of our rooms, or if you would like to make a contribution or join our funding group, please contact Michael Gordon as above.

Consultation funded by Haringey Council under Making the Difference.

Please note - leaflets advertising the consultation are being distributed locally - there is an error in the contact email address on the leaflet - please use the address given above.

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fine but please no more churches on  sunday- I live right opposite the school and have already in the past complained to the sound control people about the noise of the church that is there for no less than 2hours from 11.30- 1.30 every sunday

I dont like having to sit in my peaceful sitting room listening to how jesus will save me, while I try to read my paper quietly ( and yes i do have double glazing) and its not much better sitting in my back garden- so now I just try to be out

so please no more churches, I have got my head round this one, but its deeply offensive as religion is a very personal thing and as a buddhist, christianity doesnt do it for me AT ALL

I moved in a few years ago knowing the school was opposite but the sound of children playing is joyous and uplifting

Is the pool ever open in the evenings for general public use? I don't want to hire a whole pool but I'd quite like a swim!

Weather forecast for Sunday is lots and lots and lots of rain.... come and have a hot cuppa tea & a biscuit and a look around at our pool & building consultation! (2-4pm Sunday).

The more views we collect the better position we will be in to look at funding options. Hope to see you there!

You might have spotted us in the press today too....

Haringey Independent

Hornsey Journal   you can read it without signing up - click at bottom of page, we are bottom of page 6.



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