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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Hi  Is anyone on here who was at the school in the 50s

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Hi Paul

Did you find yourself in any of the above photos?

Hi Christine Had a head injury 7 years ago  and some of my brain memory cells were damaged . Can you name any of the 2 blond boys in the second row of class photo. Vaguely remember but need names  sorry for the questions but seeing photos and names might jog my memory. Sorry for inconvenience. Regards Paul 

Hi Paul - I think they were brothers and their names were Peter and David How. They lived over the shops in Wightman Road opposite the railway bridge that went over to the library. I maybe wrong but I seem to think something happened to Peter. They were not twins but I think there was only about a year between them. Hope this may jog your memory. Let me know.

Hi Christine. What year was these taken. I think they are more of my elder brothers year" I was there 55/56 can not see my self in any of them. Can not remember the Isle of Wight trip. Sorry for late reply but have been introducing some of my eldest brother Brian to his friends on the site If you could enlighten me more regards Paul

The first photo was in the infants so would have been 1955. The photos on the Isle of Wight were 1961.

Can you remember any names of the people you were at school with.

Hi Paul

Good morning to you. I remember you and all the Faulkner Family and also your Mum/Dad. You lived in 37 Cavendish Road (Harringay as it spelt in those day's). I remember your sister's if i am correct, Joan, I believe Jackie,Marion, Francis, maybe incorrect now. Brian, (Mickey,Barry twins born around approx 23 0r 24th March 1947 )Yourself and I believe a younger brother cannot remember his name now. We all attended South Harrinngay/Primary/Juniors school. in Mattison/Pemberton Road. I went to Hornsey County. Let me know if you want to keep in touch. I keep  in touch with Les Rappe & Alan Fennel. I use to in Duckett Road and my Mum/Dad's back garden was nearly opposite your back garden . Barry was always over in my house. Would love to contact Barry and Brian adn Mickey. I have laso other friends who new your family would as well. Kind regards was Val Butler (now Val Piggott)

. Have a great day. My email address valerie-piggott@sky.com I am on Facebook Valerie Piggott Sidcup Kent.Look forward to hearing from you. 

Hi Valerie. David was the youngest brother  Susan was the other sister. Sadly Micky passed away 3 months ago Sad loss for us all .les and Allan are now talking to Brian. Happy days in cavendish road. Had a head injury 7 years ago work related so memory not too good need photos to help me remember. Thankyou for memories so far . Would love to keep in touch Regards Paul 



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