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Hi  Is anyone on here who was at the school in the 50s

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Hi Paul:
Are you one of the Faulkner's who lived on Cavendish Road you brothers being Brian, David & Micky?

Hi Paul

Yes I went to South Harringay in the 1950's and I believe we were in the same class.  My name then was Christine Ace.  Other people in our class were Linda Chinsky, Marion Bartlett, Victor Millard, Jimmy Dietman ( not sure of spelling) many others. We all went to the Isle of Wight during our last year there.  Have very happy memories of my time there.

Hi Christine. Are you talking about 55 onwards . I really need photos of them years to remember those names as my memory can not go that far back. Teachers names Etc Was the headmaster Mr Roberts? Are you still living in harringay. Can not remember the trip to the Isle of Wight . How did we travel. If you can jog my memory would be so pleased. Hope we talk again Paul

Hi Paul

Yes we started in the infants around 1954/55 and we had a teacher called Miss Diprose. The headmaster when we left the juniors was Mr Edmondson.  Our last teacher was Mrs Dunn.  I dont remember anyone with the name of Roberts.  There was a Mr Garnsworthy and Mrs Gage.  One of our teachers - not sure whether in the infants or juniors married Mrs Gages son and we all went the wedding. I do have photos, is there anyway I can contact you directly and I will send the photos to you. 

Paul and Christine

I stand to be corrected, Miss Shaw head mistress infants,

Miss Flynn infants

Juniors Mr Smith (Smiffy or Smuts) old  bloke like us now,came

to school on his bike unusual then, Miss Booker strict old bitch 

and miss Cosgrove?



Mr Roberts (Bald Eagle) as we knew him, was headmaster 

at Priory Vale.

Have you seen picture of your brother in football team on Priory Vale


Hi Steve  yes of course bald eagle of priory vale! Not harringay. How do I get on the priory vale website. Would love to see what brother it is Regards Paul 


You're as bad as me,well we did go to Priory Vale after all.

I think, just punch in Priory Vale Park Road  London N8

Yes Miss Cosgrove is in the pictures I have put below of the Isle of Wight also Mr Smith I think

Hi Christine. What a fantastic memory you have . Remember all the names now. Sorry mr Roberts was the headmaster at priory vale after south harringay amalgamated with crouch end. What way do you want to send photos which I would love to see !   Can you not upload them ..Regards Paul

Paul yes I can, however, I thought they were on my computer but cannot find them at the moment.  Will come back to you as soon as I can.



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