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Hi  Is anyone on here who was at the school in the 50s

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I was.

What years were you there .

1949-1953  I still have my report book.  Teachers named were E W Hayward, E Waugh, G R Lewis, F N Garratt.  I attach a photo.  Not my class but I believe it is the year below mine and that the teacher is Mr Lewis.


Not sure where South Harringay school was, but if it was St Anne’s, then I was 

The school was in mattison road 

I went to South Harringay School from 1949 to 1955. I lived in Warham Road and used to walk through "the alleyway" to Mattison Road/Pemberton Road entrances.

Hi can you remember any of the names of pupils or teachers . I was at the school from 1955 .regards Paul 

Obviously the Faulkners, Peter and William O'Brien, Ali and Dave Lines

Hi Steve. I need reminding please. Where did they all live . Trying so hard to remember .  Paul

where are you living now Steve are you still in harringay  I used to live in cavendish road.  

Hi Paul

O'briens Seymour Rd, Ali and Dave Lines, bottom of Cavendish Rd, think they had sister too

Allison. Think your brother Dave will remember them, he might remember me too. I lived in 

Wightman Rd between Cavendish and Duckett Rd.

Now living 5 miles up the road in Winchmore Hill, often drive through Harringay still, with fond

memories. Where are you and Dave these days?  Steve

Hi Steve  Remember the lines now I am in Hoddesdon.  David is in Kent. Your name ring a big bell but I can not put a face to you . The joys of getting old . Will message David and let him know . Can not remember the obriens. But the memories will come back ha ha . Thanks for the information Steve . Good to hear from you . Did you go to north  harringay  then on to priory vale when they amalgamated. 



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