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Hi, I am thinking of soundproofing my ceiling as the impact noise coming from upstairs is slowly driving me insane...I think that whoever converted the house into flats has not bothered to soundproof the floors/ceilings. Has anyone done this in their flat and does it help, or is it just a waste of money? Does anyone have any recommendation?


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One more possibility would be to make small holes in the ceiling plasterboard (probably 2 for every joist) and inject expanding foam. A lot less messy than completely re-plasterboarding the ceiling!
Noise travels by two mechanisms:-
1. Direct transmission through air gaps
2. Transmission through solid floorboards -joists - ceiling plasterboard.

If you can hear what they are saying, it's airgap transmission and sealing gaps will help.
If it's clunky footsteps, sealing gaps with foam etc will not help. You need to isolate the transmission path from the joists to the ceiling panels. I can't think of any practical way of doing this in the domestic situation. Radio studios would have a suspended ceiling with dense material to absorb the low frequencies.

Gve them slippers for Christmas :-)

Hi Antonella. I know you raised this a while ago, but I am interested in finding out what you did in terms of soundproofing and whether it was successful. I have a problem with the sound of footsteps coming from the upstairs flat!



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