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I received this from Cllr Richard Wislon and thought others may want to sign the petition

I have just received worrying news Royal Mail plan to close the Delivery Office in Hornsey on Tottenham Lane in March. This will lead to serious inconvenience for people for people living in N8 who are out when parcels arrive. Instead of popping down to Hornsey to pick them up, we will now either have to reschedule a delivery via the internet or trail down to the Holloway Office. Thousands of local people will be inconvenienced by this change that’s why I’ve launched an online petition against the move. You can add your name to the petition by visiting: www.campaigns.libdems.org.uk/parcelhornsey

Please sign the petition today so that Liberal Democrats can tell Royal Mail bosses to think again about these changes. We have had no indication that this move is a done deal - so there is still time to make a difference. Your local MP Lynne Featherstone will be meeting with Royal Mail representatives soon to press them to find a solution which works for local people.

Best wishes,Councillor Richard Wilson Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Haringey Council

PS Please send this email to 10 of your neighbours in the N8 area the more people who sign the petition the more chance there is that Royal Mail will listen.

By the way, there is another way to receive your RM delivered parcels called Local Collect.

If you are out and miss a parcel delivery, you can collect it from any participating Post Office® branch. Simply call the number on the card left by Royal Mail and choose when to collect your item. This must be at least 24 hours later and after midday. The charge is just £1.50 (inc VAT) which you pay when you collect your item.


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