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Just sold our house, well it's under offer anyway, after only two days on the market! (with Winkworth if anyone interested).

Now need a good, quick and efficient solicitor to do the legal stuff.

Any recommendations?

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I recommend the solicitor who represented the man I bought my flat from. They got him everything he wanted, my solicitor was good for nothing!! No advice, no help and disappeared to another firm half way through.

They are based on West Green Rd and I know they were recommended to him by the estate agent so should certainly know what they is doing. Anyway the details should you want them are...Kaye Tessler & Co and the number is 020 8809 6756

The last time I used a local one, it was P George and Co on Elder Ave in Crouch End. They were very good even some years after when I needed a copy of the lease for a remortgage.

We used Pamela Murphy of Schubert Murphy, based in Palmers Green, to sell our flat & buy our house, and we found her helpful & persistent - pamela@schubertmurphy.co.uk

I use Sue Clark at Peter Brown and Co - I've used her three times now and she's been great each time.  


We used Howard Freeman at GTC Law (020 8509 8606) just over a year ago who was great and very competitively priced.

Thanks to all four of you, I didn't expect  such a quick and helpful response. God I love this website! I have contacted your recommendations and am getting quotes.


Whatever you pick, don't go with BM solutions. I had never dealt with such incompetent people, almost lost the house in the process (we were buying).  

Emily Lund at Osbornes solicitors in Camden is excellent. First-time buyers, so don't have anybody to compare her with - but would definitely use again :)


Thanks again for all responses. 

In the end I got 7 quotes (too many I suspect) and finally chose Pamela Murphy of Schubert Murphy - based on recommendation in this thread and price - she was quite a lot cheaper than other firms - I hope I don't live to regret this! By the way she has just merged with the other firm on my short list Peter Brown - Sue Clark did sound very good (and is also recommended in this thread). But price won out.

Hi Jeremy

How is it going with Pamela? we are thinking of using her based on a recommendation but just thought we'd Google her and ended up here. We've had x2 recommendations for her vs an estate agent saying she was slow and old school - but my instinct was that he was just trying to get us to use on of his contacts...


Pamela Murphy seems very good so far - on the ball, quick and efficient and easy to talk to - does that mean old school??  Still waitin gto exchange, hopefully, but definitiely so far so good. I would recommend.

Hi Jeremy

Thanks for the reply - very reassuring.The 'old school' reference was from my estate agent - saying that 'old school' solicitors do everything by post not email which slows everything down - I think he may well have been talking tosh…




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