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sorry for long post

I’ve lived around here since 1995, and I’ve never ever known this

it started mid April with someone smashing numerous car mirrors on mattison road

that night/ early morning a few guys dismantled my front wall and threw it through my front window, Destroying my bulletproof double glazing, covering my whole sitting room with shattered glass. Thankfully I wasn’t up, or it would have hit me, possibly killed me

Then few weeks later, someone smashed my big plant pot out the front

1 week ago someone tried to kick my back gate in, thankfully only splintered the wood of 1 lock, and the other 2 locks held out

i also notice someone on duckett road adjacent  to me, has also had their front window smashed, also still boarded up like mine

i believe there are also numerous other things on the road, like cars being broken into, windscreens being smashed

its all so so terrible. Police officer finally came round last wkend, and just urges anyone who has been a recent victim of crime to contact 101, you can even do it on line. As the more complaints, then higher priority it is for the antisocial neighbour hood team to do more patrols

He also said to get people to contact the council requesting for more lighting on the passageway. Again the more people whom request it, the more likely this is to be done

meanwhile several hundreds of pounds later,repairing my window etc, I’m investing in cctv, video doorbell, fence, and anticlimb paint, and lighting

I need to feel safe again, and I don’t want to have to put bars on my window

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Gosh, that's very disturbing. Hope you're ok.

Thanks Jess. Yes it’s really rogue round here at the moment

Very sorry to hear of your tribulations. These things can be quite road specific. Our road had a bad time a couple of years ago because a cuckooed drugs house was established nearby. The residents started attending the LCSP en masse and the police and council responded well to deal with it.

We’re not having this sort of issues. You describe in our road this year. Is the issue that you’re experiencing at the moment local to your road or a group of roads nearby, or have you heard that it’s more widespread? Have you been in touch with Ian/LCSP?

Thanks Hugh

yes we have a problem guy at the top of the road, and been spotted but not sure if he and his friend are responsible for all of it

whats LCSP, and whose Ian

its mostly mattison road, although saw the broken window on duckett road as well, symptom of living by the passageway

ive joined the local neighbourhood watch group that’s just been set up, but haven’t heard anything yet

It’s a sort of residents’ association,  for the ladder - a bit different to many residents groups, it was set up in response to the shootings 20 years ago. It’s run solely by a chap called Ian Sygrave, but he is very knowledgeable, very well connected with the people you need to be connected with to deal with local issues, particularly the police (he also sits on the local police panel). It’s definitely worth getting in touch with him. You can email him at lcsp@blueyonder.co.uk 

That’s great Hugh, thankyou. I will email him.

I saw this and meant to comment at the time, then forgot. Anyway, the reason there are no police in your road may well be because they are all driving up and down my road with their sirens on. Every day. Their noise pollution has become unbearable over the last two or three months. No idea what the constant state of emergency is or even what constitutes a siren worthy response so regularly.

Not sure if the ladders is the same Police area but I am literally a short walk from there, in Stroud Green. 

Have you had any luck with getting support from the local police at all? I also live alone and am familiar with the limited response from police situation, so totally understand your concern.

I went to a meeting in wood green yesterday, attended by local police to voice my concerns loud and clear

seems they are more tied up with local murders mind

Good to know. Did they do something to help you out?

Oh, I see. I understand that major crimes take priority but are there are many local murders that police can't look into any other types of valid crime? I don't mean to minimse anyone's death but last time I looked there were no murders actually listed on the 2022 crime stats site for the area.

If true, then its more concerning. I mean, other tenants/their guests leave our building's front door open on the regular. Can't report that to the police though, can you? Well, not until it has resulted in a crime that is reportable.

Anyway, I think there was some major crime today as multiple police cars and sirens raced down the road towards Finsbury Station and then came flying back up the road towards Green Lanes less than 20 minutes later. Pretty bizzare and really noisy.

Hopefully no one died - in either direction. No ambulances, so maybe that was not the issue.

No idea why my username is pvt..but can't be bothered to sort it out.

Thanks so much Hugh. I’m now in contact with Ian, and hopefully local police. Really appreciate it

I feel for you - I'm on Chesterfield Gardens and I've had an ongoing issue for the last few months with people sitting on my front step to smoke crack. Some days I have to move people on several times a day, and it's happening openly in broad daylight. I can quite clearly see who the dealers are and how they're specifically preying on some very vulnerable mentally unwell people. 

The police advise 101 or online reports, and if there's enough reports they might be able to 'justify more patrols'. The only other suggestion was a Ring doorbell so I can shout at them 'even when I'm not at home' but I don't really want to spend my life policing my front doorstep. The Council Antisocial behaviour people told me it's not their problem because it's happening on my property.

Sorry to hear you are being disturbed

TBH if I had crack dealers  sitting on my doorstep, which they probably have done over the years, I wouldn’t have noticed. And actually I don’t care. There is no evidence the latest exultation of damage is the local druggies whom many of us have seen over the years

But I feel very different to people damaging my property by trying to break into it, twice in 2months. When you live alone, you feel very vulnerable. Not to mention the hundreds of pounds it’s cost in repairs etc



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