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Worried: Katy Mendes is concerned that her daughter Holly will not get a place at South
Harringay School (Picture © Evening Standard)


The Evening Standard carried a story today about the fears of London's parents about a shortfall in primary school places.

More than 7,000 extra primary school places are being created in London this year but experts admit there is an “enormous challenge” to find enough space for all the children needing places.

Included in the article is the picture above and the following:

Katy Mendes, pictured above, who lives less than 100 metres from her first-choice school, South Harringay Junior, is worried her three-year-old daughter Holly will not get a place because the school is so heavily over-subscribed.

“I can’t remember being this nervous for a very long time,” she said. “I’m having sleepless nights. There’s a significant shortage of school places in inner-city London — the demand for good schools is so high.”


Full article on the Evening Standard website.


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100 metres? I am sure she got a place.....but I can sympathise. We've also been very worried. 

The results are online tonight, by the way. I hope most people were offered a place in one of the schools they wanted. We are quite happy....

Surely she's after a place at South Harringay Infants for her daughter? She looks a bit young for the juniors to me.

Ah, that'd be me then! It is indeed the infant school - although other than that, and slightly exaggerating the minimal metres away from the school I live (am on Seymour Road, which is apparently 0.09 miles away, which equates to about 140 metres....if I am to split hairs) the quote was correct - I have indeed been having sleepless nights and stomach's been doing somersaults every time I thought about it. 

Anyway, pleased to say that Holly has been offered a place at South Harringay Infants, finally I can get some sleep!

Well, thankfully we live in an area where ALL our local schools are pretty good.  Then due to the transient nature of life in inner London even if you dont get your first choice, by the time people have accepted places and a few months go by, the waiting list moves fairly quickly so by the time September comes things can change pretty dramatically.

I was wondering about this today as well and hoping everyone got a school high on their wish list.

My daughter started reception last Sept and due to the huge numbers of siblings it was a very tough year. We were lucky because we already had a son at the school (Chestnuts) and we live extremely close to the school as well.

Liz I have 2 children at Chestnuts and am the co-chair of the PSA, and I think it's a great school. Both my children are very happy there, they have very different abilities but are both doing well. I'm sure you'll be given information about the settling in process soon, which worked very well for my daughter and myself last year. Our summer fair is on the 7th July so do come along if you're free, or if I can answer any questions in the meantime please let me know.

Thanks Julie this is extremely helpful and reassuring. Look forward to 7th July! L x

Hi Liz, as Julie says below Chestnuts is a great school! My son has been offered a place there and I am really very excited....

I would say if you didn't get the school you want and do live very close, to stay on the waiting list as you'll be quite high and people move away over the summer.

We did this with our first, she didn't get a place at any of the schools we applied for and had to go to Stroud Green for a year, but got a place at St Aidan's the following October and we moved her.

She'll be in her final year there from September, so I have to do all this again with Secondary schools in November.

Thanks Germana!

South and north harringay both had smaller catchments than last year, north by quite a lot. The cut off for south was 0.19 miles.....

Wow, that's tiny.  My son got a place, but I hadn't realised how close his dad's house is to the outside of the catchment area.

Thanks for the information. It really helps to see the possible catchment areas as my son is due to start school the following year. Where did you find the distance for South Harringay? Are other schools catchment areas posted?




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