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A non-techie neighbour asked me to help them find out if they could get the Sky Atlantic TV channel without signing up to Sky TV. I thought there might be a back door on the internet, but was unable to find one. What I did find however was Now TV. Owned by Sky, it's a pay-now or non-contract TV service.

It gives Sky Atlantic & ITV Encore (both of which apparently have worthy content not available outside of Sky) as well as all the standard channels (in case you don't already them through Freeview or Virgin). You can also get Sky Movies and Sky Sports at an additional cost. 

In addition it seems to make your dumb TV operate something like a Smart one.

It's received through a tiny box you need to attach to TV and to your router (wired or wireless). The box is £15 and the basic TV package with all those extra channels is about a fiver a month.

My neighbour is happy to be getting Sky Atlantic and ITV Encore. They sent her a code for 'friends' to sign up which apparently gives 50% off the standard price for the first three months (plus a little credit for them) - so if you want to use that it's 


Anyone else used it?

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Yes. there is a strange contradiction in this. Sky has effectively released a competitor to itself! Many people have bought up job lots of these and are selling them(legitimately) on ebay. You can get the package with up to 6 months access and 3 months sky movies for around £25! If you don't have a Smart Tv it effectively makes yours into one. I particularly enjoyed some of the drama series which can have many old seasons available. I think Sky movies is rubbish so didn't use it. I didn't get another sub but will do when next Game of Thrones season starts next year....

Sounds very cheap. I have to admit though I'd be worry that there'd something dodgy with those and that Sky would end up invalidating them! I'd possibly risk it for myself if I were buying and it was much cheaper but I'd hesitate to recommend it.

When trading on ebay, the oversight is very strong, and companies guard their brands well. Anyone selling a Nowtv package which was not legit would not last long. 

I'm subscribing to Now TV. The entertainment package is £7 per month. It includes Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Sky Arts, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and others not on Freeview. I don't have a TV box, I stream it on my laptop which I can attach to the TV by an HDMI cable.

I had a bit of trouble getting it on my browser, but I downloaded the Windows App and that is fine. It also works on an IPad. I can only run it on a limited number of devices, so don't ask me to share my log in with you.

Yeah he is a crafty one that Rupert. Don't want to subscribe to Sky because you think them an insidious blight on our nation (and a threat to the BBC)? buy it in a different box ;-).

Before you ask - yes i am that person.



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