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Can anyone suggest a builder who might be able to come and give an opinion on some cracks in my walls before I pay out a few hundred for a surveyor please? Many thanks

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Hi, I'm happy to help. Please contact me on 07871432282. 

Regards, Patrick.

Thank you for your reply Patrick - I'll get back to you soon.

I would highly recommend you give David O'Doherty a call on: 07830119421. Not only is he excellent on structure and foundations he is a superb bricklayer which is his original trade. Above all you can trust what he says as an honest opinion and not one that will lead to him exaggerating what needs to be done. Also he is very personable and I expect he will be able to recommend a surveyor or structural engineer should you need one.

Good luck.

I second getting David to take a look. He did our refurbishment last year and he is incredibly skilled, sorted out some structural/brickwork issues for us, plus he's an all-round nice guy.

Thank you - have just texted him!

hello there MD - i have some structural / brickwork issues and have asked David for a quote - can you let me know what he did - any of it visible from outside so i could take a peek? thanks Nick



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