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Six Copies of Clay Shirky's "Here Comes Everybody" to give away to Harringaites

I was speaking at a conference on e-democracy type stuff earlier today and they were giving away copies of Clay Shirky's wonderful Here Comes Everybody.

Thinking (as I do every waking moment) of my neighbours in Harringay, I asked if they had any spare and I was lucky enough to be offered a half dozen. If you'd like one let me know.

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I hope it went well - May I have one of these please, or borrow one if the take up is high?
Thanks Steve. Both yesterday's & Wednesday's went well, thanks. Some great reactions. You're welcome to a book. Drop me a HoLmail message and we arrange a pick-up.
Very pleased to hear it, and thank you very much. Message on it's way...
That's two down - four still going free.
Hi Hugh, Could I have one please? E
With pleasure. Drop a message via HoLmail and we can make arrangements.

Three down. Three to go.
One left if anyone still has a hankering.
Are you still a book up Hugh? I'd like it if nobody else has claimed it in the meantime.
You're welcome to it.



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