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Could Claire please come down again with her trusty plunger and have a look at the south end of Finsbury Park? After only a relatively light rain, there is now a giant puddle forming. 

I know its at the extreme south of the Borough, but from the POV of tourists and show goers to music gigs in the Park, who debouch from Finsbury Park Station - a major transport nexus - this is the Gateway to the Borough! It's not a good look. Has this come up before?

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Clive, I have been liaising with Richard Simon and Lewis Taylor at Haringey on this issue for some months now - can you let me have the exact location please - it is probably the same area we are already aware of but just to be sure!

Karen, the recurring puddle is hard to miss, its about 50 m in from the main southern gate at the sharpest, southernmost point of the park and of the whole borough. It's at the outer part of the sharp turn of the road. Some views looking south, east and west:




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