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I don’t know whether anyone has noticed the small and probably delicious take aways available on Green Lanes but some have no window for takeaway and I noticed one last Saturday with 6 people waiting in this tiny little restaurant , none were wearing mask and no place for self distancing, the chef was cooking generating heat and the door was firmly closed; I must say I was appalled.

Sainsbury was really busy, no queuing, no one restricting entry, no one way system, masks were warn or not, very festive but I felt really unsafe.

Post office advertises 3 people only allowed inside but people are just cramming in that small narrow space, some wear masks but no one is trying to reduce numbers going in, again it felt really unsafe and specially as queues are not moving fast. The Crouch end post office is much safer with someone at the door to measure amount of people going in and much bigger premises.

I really find Green Lane shopping is generally unsafe with many non essential shops open, and no one to stop the madness. COVID numbers in Haringey shot up last week.

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I empathise with you Christine, all you can do is look after yourself, the risk has been explained enough to everyone. A guy two seats away on the W3 the other day had no mask on, he looked like a bit of a psycho so I didn't say anything, let the police deal with it to hand out the fines.

Oh I entirely agree with you, I do look after myself and others, I shall not go to Sainsbury anymore. As for the police they shine by their absence. Thanks Xavier

I have tried to avoid going along Green Lanes as much as possible since March in the first lockdown when I saw how little people were observing the rules. A lot of people around here just don't seem to care and even now don't wear masks in shops despite it being mandatory. Unfortunately I do have to use the Sainsbury's which is a complete mess. I always have to brace myself before going into Superdrug because a lot of people go in there without masks and the staff never say anything 

Superdrug?! Ponder the irony of that one.

The truth is that a lot of people around here do not get their news from UK sources. Many do not even consume English speaking news. My parents only watch Greek news. They have no idea about Covid measures here and I bet half the Turks, Kurds, Bulgarians etc are same.

Plus nothing is enforced in Haringey. The council won't touch Green Lanes. 

You are right about nothing being enforced around here sadly. It's like the council are happy for Green Lanes to remain a dump.

As far as news is concerned I have been greatly alarmed by some of the nonsense people have been sprouting round here. Someone on a local WhatsApp group sharing some stupid video from that idiot David Icke about vaccinations. It's scary how stupid and ignorant some people are

Now that you mention it, I haven't seen any alien reptiles with Covid. Maybe they know something we don't...

Didn't Cummings have it?

Just to say Public Voice is working with the Council to tailor COVID messaging to several hard to reach groups, one being the Turkish and Kurdish community. I said they needed to target the Albanians as well - many on Wood Green High Road, gaggling outside cafes and not wearing masks or distancing.

One said that to me, outside the Lucia cafe a few months ago.

I've got acquaintances in my social circles who say that too.  But it's irrelevant what they believe - wearing masks is MANDATORY ie, it's the law on buses and in shops.  On buses I challenge people.  Sometimes they laugh in my face, sometimes they sneer, sometimes they shout.  They tell me a load of 'dark web' nonsense.   I tell them, it's irrelevant what you believe - 1. you are infecting me and my fellow (passengers).  2.  You are BREAKING THE LAW.

I say it loud and clear.

I avoid saying it to anyone with clear mental health issues.

Bus drivers, I'm constantly told, are fed up of all the abuse.  May be but some bus drivers just refuse to drive the bus if someone gets on with no mask. They enforce it. We sit, we wait. It usually works.  But I get it.  It's wearying for them.

If I see young people, teenagers on the bus with no mask, I just look at them  and say 'Put your mask on.'  They often laugh, then get it out of their back pocket and put it on.

Probably they look at me and my age gets away with it.  You wouldn't argue with your granny would you?  Haha.

Yep. All so true.



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