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I'm looking for someone to create some built-in shelves for my flat, and was wondering if anyone here had some recommendations? Specifically it would need to be someone who really understands the aesthetics of shelving, but won't charge a fortune to do it, as the areas we want to shelve are relatively small.

So far, I've found people who'll do the job for about £75 and it will be practical but not look like anything much, and people who'll do the job to absolute perfection for £1k. I'm looking for the (preferably local) guy in the middle, if that makes sense. 


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 Hi, I have recently built some shelving in a flat (can show you pictures if interested) and would be be very happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements and give you a no obligation quote. You can text or phone me on 07747 160027. Thanks and hope to hear from you, Gig

You could try Michael Slade on Quernmore Road N4: http://www.michaelsladefurniture.co.uk/index.html. He hasn't done built-in stuff for me but he has done some furniture restoration, and he does good-quality, fairly-priced work.

Eoin McCarthy at Crouch End Carpentry did some great work for me, including some bespoke shelving -- 07799 747827

You should try Martin Waller on 07503123950. He made some shelves for our alcoves using MDF, but edged them with a strip of proper wood for a better finish. Up and painted they really look the business. They are packed with books and really sturdy. I love my shelves, I honestly couldn't be happier with them. Martin was quick (he made the shelves off site and fitted in a day), very friendly and charged a very reasonable fee. He's on Rutland Gardens so local too.


we used a guy called Malcolm who lives locally. He is a skilled carpenter and uses the best wood and the shelves look lovely. To be honest he is def. not on the cheap end but Im not sure if he's expensive because ive nothing to compare it with. Hes a really nice bloke and im sure he'll measure up and give you a quote without obligation Anyway his number is 07837106338.

I can personally recommend my friend Gareth, who is an excellent carpenter and specialises (amongst other things) in shelves. He did mine. Very reasonable prices. Lives in Stoke Newington. He's on 07931929536 (tho' may be incommunicado over Glastonbury!)

Thanks so much for all your recs everyone - I'm completely spoiled for choice now and will arrange quotes shortly. :)

Our builder Ossie built us some beautiful bespoke shelves for our sitting room.  Everyone always comments about how lovely they are when the see them.  One of the best things is they are extremely strong - we have a lot of big heavy art books - and he made sure they would never bend whilst still being floating shelves.  He is extremely reasonable too.  His no is 07974 385920



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