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If there is a spinner who needs more wool, I have a small (1 foot cubed) box of Scottish sheep wool that's been sitting unmolested in my attic since about 1980. I would be pleased to donate it to you.

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Have sent you a connection request, my niece is a keen patchwork blanket maker!

Charlie, this is raw wool which, I suppose, might be used as quilt filler, but I had assumed someone might spin it into thread. However, if your niece wants it, she may have it. Text me on 079 4757 7004 about collecting it from Burgoyne Road. As my hearing has deteriorated, I prefer texts to telephone calls.

As your niece is a keen patchworker, I may have other materials she might use. My late wife taught patchwork for many years, so I have a lot of matrial about. 

My cousin is a spinner and weaver, if Charlie's niece doesn't want the wool, I know my coz will love it.

Charlie hasn't contacted me. As I would prefer to give it to a spinner, let me know when you can collect it. The box is lightweight and can easily be carried by hand. Text me on 079 4757 7004. 

Hi it looks like this has already been claimed, but if not, I am also into spinning and weaving and i would really love the wool! 07851806653

Yes, Bramble, the wool was collected today for a daughter's school. I have suggested should the wool not be appropriate or should they have more than they need, they might offer it to you via this site. Duncan  



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