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If you look at local rentals online, there are often overpriced flats with minimal space crammed in to poorly converted properties to be seen.  But I wonder if one I saw today hits a new low — one room approximately 3 metres square (bed, washing machine, electric heater, minimal cooking facilities) plus shoehorned shower room, in a property apparently opposite the Salisbury, for rent at £1,500 a month plus council tax and bills. Am I just being naive in seeing this as shameful exploitation? (There’s a long link on Rightmove or a short one at https://propertyloop.co.uk/properties/kJVsGGZF )

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Agreed, The going-rate seems to be around £900, though there are plenty at £800.

Like it or not, in most things we pay for, our system assumes that adults can navigate choosing between the averagely-priced and over-priced options. It's the same choice people are faced with here.

The mystery is, do flats advertised at this level of mark-up get rented at for the advertised price? If so, by who and why are they willing to pay so much? I'd be interested in some knowledge-based answers to this (not so much in soaraway-Sun style speculation).



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