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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!


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Have we not all, as adults, learned not to post online whilst intoxicated, let alone with an axe to grind as well?

I might be a lightweight but even I would struggle to get wasted on a sip of cider..

You could open a bar in a telephone box Paulie. I had a great night at The Salisbury last night.

Which phone box were you in, Matt? 

Good for you!

I appreciate it's a popular spot. Just not for me though!

I once was poured a very lovely pint of London Pride although the head on it was 9mm thick and not the regulated 5.3mm. When I asked the bar staff to 'top it up'. they did. However I did think it incredibly negligent so I took it to the Real Ale Head Measurement Ombudsman who say there is a team of specialists dealing with my complaint.

Really, every customer facing business has it's moments but overall it's a tidy boozer. Think yourself lucky that this wasn't on the GNR in Hornsey you would have had the Gastrapo Secret Police on your back.

All our local pubs (Harringay) are decent, for different reasons although if I see the staff of the Salisbury wearing Crouch End T-shirts, they will lose my custom!



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