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From the Ally Pally Dogs group on behalf of someone else.

A very upsetting thing happened earlier and I wondered if any local people might know anything:

Ferme Park Road, 6.30pm, a group of around 6 teenagers aged around 15-16 threw a lit firework at my elderly mother who was walking our family dog.

Luckily it missed, but it landed very near Wolfy - it could have injured or even blinded him. As it was, it was distressing.

The group included two girls with long blonde hair. No other description from Mum yet.

Suffice to say, I am pretty irate about this. Perhaps their parents are on this group? Or perhaps someone was driving along Ferme Park road and saw something?

Anyone in the area if you have cctv, please check it around that time frame, just one image will suffice. Call 101 or contact your local police station.

Crime reference number is

CAD 7052/20NOV20

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Very sorry to hear this Joane. Sounds horrible. I do hope your mother and her dog are ok. It might be worth walking around that stretch of road and seeing if you can see any CCTV cameras. Also if any buses went past the group might have been caught on their driver’s cab camera...

Are there any other descriptors? There are a bunch of kids roaming around after school quite regularly.



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