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Very sadly and reluctantly I am going to have to sell my car for scrap after it failed to start last night.  I think it is unlikely to start now as problem with starter motor  Does anyone have any recommendations of scrap car dealers who might make a fair offer?

Many thanks!

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Look in local papers. Official scrap dealers advertise and you might get a standard £100.

Try Redcorn

44 White Hart Lane
N17 8DP
Telephone: 020 8880 9990
Fax: 020 8885 2156

Thanks so much for that - I think I have got a quote from them via a website.  Now just waiting to see if my mechanic can come up with anything!

Are you sure it's worth scrapping. Scrap metal prices have come down a bit over the course of the year but you probably should still expect to get over £100/tonne if you can get it to a scrap yard. It sounds like you can't so you can expect to pay a bit extra for collection - there are plenty of sites on line that will give you a quote (although worth phoning a few people locally). Ultimately, you will probably save more money pursuing tax and insurance rebate so don't forget to do that.

If car isn't in too bad shape, I would definitely consider listing on ebay or autotrader, as there may be many people who can solve starter motor problem.

If you do decide to go for scrap option there are some charity websites who might be worth considering. This one will collect allows you to give all or some of the value to charity:


Thanks very much for that.  Having spoken to my mum I am now trying to see if I can sell it since it has an MOT etc.  The irony is that it drives very well once it starts!

The charity option is a lovely idea, but unfortunately at the moment I really need the cash for another car.

Thanks very much for your thoughtful response though.

Haynes Manual - £17 ish

Starter motor depends on the car, but there's a motor factor on wightman (GSF parts, I think) who might be able to get you one, and if you're even moderately proficient at DIY, adn cna get hold of the correct sized sockets,  you can fit it yourself (I managed to do mine) - it's usually a case of disconnecting the battery, and undoing three bolts to replace it.

I'd check that the battery isn't gone first though - you'd need a multimeter.

no markup to pay on the starter motor, and what you spend on tools you save in labour.

Thanks very much for this.  To be honest, it had a replacement starter motor a few months ago.  Last night I had to call the RAC out and they said it was either the starter motor or the ring gear (?) which would mean a very expensive repair.  They did check the battery for me though and it definitely wasn't that.  I do need to get rid of it though as the money will help pay for another car I've already been promised from my mother.  It's very good information though and thanks for taking the time to reply.


Had a very similar story with our Peugeot 206 - died on us on the A10 - had to be towed home, and chatting to local garages led me to believe the repair would be very expensive.

Looked online and got an offer of £120 for scrap. Decided nothing to lose by trying ebay - gave very honest description and said would needed to be collected with tow truck. Got offered £300 within 48hrs and guy came and towed it away within 12 hours. Would probably have got quite a bit more if i'd hung out longer, but I needed to get it off the road.

There's alot of people out there who would be interested in your car - try ebay - a mechanic would fancy their chances of repairing it and selling it on. Good Luck

Thank you!  That's really good to know.  Just out of interest, what price did you start the bidding on ebay at?

About £120 I think - the amount that  I knew I could get for scrap.

Thank you

What car is it ?

It's a Nissan Micra



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