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Below are comments from 2012 on Selale Restuarnt from another post on this site (and from Twitter). They have been copied to this new post for findability's sake.


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Reply by Just another local on Jan 31, 2012

For all their fancy frontage I still find Selale to be top of the tree.

Reply by Paulie on Feb 02, 2012

Big shout out from me for Selale as well - the garlic sauce in itself is worth a bus ride imo!

Reply by Noots on Feb 02, 2012

Went to Selale last night and had a cracking meal. Three different types of bread, cacik and salad comped, the food was as good as anywhere else in Harringay, but what really stood out was the service - very friendly and efficient, it wasn't hard work catching someone's eye and we couldn't have been made more welcome. Really impressed.

Reply by smileygirl2010 on Feb 02, 2012

its a really great restaurant, been there a few times!

i would recommend it!


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icey_mark Feb 03 2012, 10:33pm via Twitter for iPad

@harringayonline @MadameRrr Selale was excellent. Pretty cheap and great food. Big recommend from me.



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Yeah, Selale's unpretentious, excellent value and they have been known to give you free cake (totally unneeded at the end of a gargantuan meal) and delicious bread which they glaze with the tasty meat-juices from the doner and sprinkle with hot pepper flakes.  Nom.

I have to agree...it is my favourite.  and the wife's.  Nice Red Wine with a meal there too....big glass for £3!

OH no the secret is out, this has been my all time fav turkish haunt for the last few years, but it is just getting so busy-for all the reasons peole have said



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