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Just checking Selale for a takeaway. Think the paper menu we have is about 2 years old. Happened to look at their online menu as well. Had no idea their prices had gone up 20/25 % ! No idea why.

Used to be well under a tenner for most dishes. Now around £11-£15. 

Are there any reasonably priced kebab restaurants left on Green Lanes?

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It’s more expensive to have takeaway lunch at GL than Canary Wharf. 

Is this the mega restaurants on GL cashing in on their expansions and takeover of our High st?!

And both locations have rather boring lunch options. 

Maybe prices have gone up generally. I noticed that M&S' £10 meal has now gone up to £12. And if prices aren't going up portions are getting smaller.

We had dinner at Selale last night. 4 people and it came to £75 including a bottle of wine. I think that is pretty good.

But did notice Selale was 1/2 full at 10pm. Even at 10 that place is normally heaving on a Friday. Yes food prices have gone up 20/30% across the board. The pound has gone down about the same % post June 16 and with 60% of our food imported, guess that's where the problem lies. Can't wait for March 19 :(

In general the Turkish restaurants all seem to be heading upmarket. Just look at the way Gokyuzu, Diyarbakir & Hala have transformed in the last few years.

Definitely more expensive than they used to be - but if you enjoy the salad, bread, tea, baklava (and the occasional rice pudding) then I think it's still reasonable.

When you consider it costs £6 / £7 for a crappy Burger King or KFC I still think they’re incredible value. 

Even my local "Ocakbasi" on West Green Road has raised prices 20% over last 18 months. Chicken shish rice salad is now £10,

We normally eat in Selale about once a week , but have noticed that they have recently added service charge on which really bumps the bill up, in the past couple of wèeks we've stayed away 

Wow we didn't notice and left a tip. Will pay more attention next time.

Actually shocked they've started doing this. Means their prices have gone up by 30 - 35%, including the service charge.. That's crazy. Either they've got greedy or desperate through cost pressures (using service charge to pay staff). Well, things have changed. So Gokyuzu is doing this, probably started it on GL ... who else?

I think the effect is exaggerated by the fact that they were always noticeably cheaper than most comparable London dining options in the past. We've probably all been in the situation of going for a mezze somewhere else and thinking 'wow that would have been loads less on Green Lanes'. I know I have. 

But food prices are undeniably skyrocketing due to Brexit, and perhaps they want to insulate themselves against that. I suspect what's happened is they have raised their prices not only for this reason but to bring themselves in line with other outlets. I'd be interested to see if this is happening in other local enclaves where a particular cuisine has been 'good and cheap' for a while.



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