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Hi there! We’re wondering if anyone has a dog with a similar behavioural problem and found a great trainer in the local area?
For the most part he’s a fairly well behaved dog, a 4-year-old Papillon. The only major problem we have is his obsession with other small dogs. He will pull, ignore us, and put himself in dangerous positions in an attempt to say hello to other small dogs.
Our ideal situation is to be able to take him to the park, off lead, and have him stay with us and not run off at the first sign of another dog.
We’re looking for an amazing trainer with a hands-on approach. Can anyone in help us? Thank you!

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Nick is excellent +44 7944 112191

He works in downhills and helped our pup with exactly the same issue

Brilliant, thank you so much Alice! x

Hi again, Alice! Thanks for Nick's contact information, we just had a couple of questions for you. What type of dog do you have, and roughly how long did it take for the training? More for our curiosity than anything. If Nick has a website, can you please give us the url? Thank you so for helping us out! (If you prefer to email me, it's celia@celiabrooks.com) x

We have a labradoodle who is just a year old. We've only had 2 sessions. He is pretty honest about whether you need a series or one offs. In our case he told us that it was about our consistency and the dog knew exactly what she was doing. So we only had 1 (then another one for an unrelated challenge). I know of other people who have a series where they need to help the dog learn. Nick doesn't have a website - I think its a side line. You just whatsapp message him

Thanks Alice! x

Hi Celia,

If you do find a great dog trainer could you let me know please? We have a serious problem .



Hi Glenys, I can second Nick too. 

 However if you need a highly experienced behaviourist, as we did, then it’s worth getting in touch with Paula at N8dogwalkers Behaviour and Training near Alexandra Palace. She was great with our whippet/greyhound with separation anxiety and fear aggression towards large dogs.

All the training is 1 to 1, positive and reward based, and she really made a huge difference.  Here’s her details: https://dogwalkersn8.co.uk/index.html

Good luck, Inger

Thank you, interesting to know for future reference.



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