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Hello. We need a really great, professional plumber who is fantastic at problem solving and willing to come to our home in Tottenham Hale ASAP. It's a rather strange and confusing plumbing issue - who's up to the challenge?

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Barrett Young came up with a simpler, less disruptive and much cheaper way of resolving a leak in the mains supply in my father's house. It cost £300 instead of the £900+ quoted by another highly recommended plumber and he added a stop cock which the other had not suggested or included in the quote.

Thanks for this Elfi. Do you have contact details for Barrett Young please? A Google search did not yield any definitive results.

So sorry Celia, Must have had my brain switched off! His no.s are 0208 341 7260, and 07958 930 029. He knows me as 'Elena' so would probably sound confused if you mention 'Elfi'.




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