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Hi all,

I know this is a common question but I also feel as though this environment changes quite quickly and people move/get too busy, etc so I thought I'd ask again!

I'm looking for a reliable and super thorough cleaner who we can hire biweekly. We have one at the moment but she mainly just pushes things around and the house more or less looks the same when she leaves, which hugely defeats the purpose.

We're on the ladder and pretty flexible about when people can come so please let me know if you have a cleaner you could recommend - thanks!

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I too am wanting a cleaner please _ I am Hermitage rd N4 1DE - 07785 397137

I'd recommend my cleaner Valeriya- pm me for her contact details

Hi Anne, can you give me Valeriya's details? Thanks. M

Hi Anne,

Are you able to send me Valeriya's details too.



hi Anne - just added you so that I can send you a DM as would love your cleaners details too - thanks. Sabina

Hi Anne,

Would you mind sending me Valeriya's contact details?



Hi Anne-Sophie

Would you still recommend Valeriya? Would love her details if so as we are looking for a cleaner.

Hi, the lady who cleans my flat is excellent, very hard working and reliable. If you would like her details, please DM me. Thanks, Ann

Hi Ann,

woukd you mind sharing the details with me as well? My excellent cleaner has just decided to move away from London sadly. I’ll dm you.

many thanks!

Hi Ann, can I please get these details too please.

Hi Ann,

Could I please get your cleaner's details too?



Hi Ann,

Please could you message me your cleaner's details? Thank you! My number is 07739540878

Thanks! Stephanie 



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