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Any Scots expats like me who are fretting about independence ? I went to the union rally in Trafalgar Square yesterday. There weren't that many people there and the whole event was a bit of a damp squib. 

The thought of losing the union is very unsettling. I don't like change perhaps though in reality it won't effect me and I have very few ties with Scotland except friends there. 

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Why doesn't it make sense ? I chose not to dispute Sharon's comment that 80% of bets received by William Hill were on a yes result, but quoted the current odds they were offering: yes 7:2 against; no1:5 on.

The stat I quoted was from SBC news and just in Scottish William Hill. We will have to wait and see, Aye?

"Of 23 bookies, only one (Betway) thought it more likely than yesterday that Scotland would vote Yes" (Source: Getty 17/9/14)

Bookies in the whole of UK or in Scotland?
Where are the stats from?

From here


If you understand this then you're a better woman than I am!

I don't see how they can really say!

I heard that a lot of no voters are nervous about admitting to voting no and have been keeping quiet.  I don't know whether anyone has lied to the pollsters though!  But they do say the undecided are more likely to vote no than yes.

Too close to call in spite of the betsters.

I'm also a Scots expat and would be desperately sad to see a yes vote.

I've been on quite a few of the web debates, and have been taken aback by the level of vitriol expressed by most nationalists against 'westminster', which judging from many comments seems to be a cypher for 'English' for several.  I also find the widespread allegations of bbc bias from the nationalist side to be most disturbing, as it tends in practice to be directed at reporting of differing opinions and inconvenient economic facts to the separatist agenda.

I think that if its a yes vote the economic impact in the short to medium term is going to be most depressing for both Scotland and rUK.

Totally agree about the vitriol. I found this article an interesting read on that issue...


Thanks for this.  That is what I found with my friend.  When I was up in Edinburgh in June I stayed with my Yes friend whom I have known for 44 years.  We didn't fall out and are still emailing each other every day.  BUT when I queried the fact that there was no real debate amongst the Yes people, he said that is not the point.  They are voting for INDEPENDENCE come what may. While I can sort of understand the sentiment behind that (and he has been an SNP member for 44 years!), I think it is folly not to think of the consequences.  Rural areas of Scotland benefit enormously from the EU, but I just heard that an independent Scotland would have to negotiate to join the EU like any new country and it would take at least 5 years!!!

Interesting article. Thank you Alison. 

Alison - very incisive analysis

Great article Alison.



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