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Just come up green lanes by Manor House, and emergency services attending a horizontal body with a scooter next to the person. Really hope the person is ok. Less than 50yards away, a week ago, a scooter in front of me was hit by a van. The van driver then tried to blame the scooter, but thankfully I watched the van move into his lane and hit him, and could act as a witness. Fortunately the rider was going slowly, so not too seriously injured, but  still needed a ride to hospital by ambulance, and a badly damaged bike

Yes there are some very reckless riders, but also plenty of sensible ones. Maybe what makes them more vulnerable to get knocked off than maybe cyclists, is that sheer size in comparison. I mean I’ve had my share of accidents, but at least when a vehicle quickly changes lane without checking, we are narrow enough, to squeeze in, whereas scooters don’t have this luxury

anyways any scooter riders out there, stay safe and wear plenty of high vis

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I wonder if folk injured by another road using vehicle while on their private scooter can claim against the other parties insurance, bearing in mind private electric scooters are not legal on public highways ? In other words the other party might claim the scooter rider was not legal on the road and shouldn't have been there.

I've seen a lot if these delivery scooters flying around like idiots and all for someone's pizza.

Your title - "moving targets " - implies that the drivers deliberately run down the scooter riders. I don't think this is the case. 


What? Are you expecting Brian to know them all by name? One of them was ran over and killed 3 weeks ago on White Hart Lane. Went under a lorry. Police implied that it was the moped riders fault as he was riding like an idiot. I guess they worked that out by video/cctv and eye witness statements? 

The way they weave in and out of traffic, undertaking, driving down the middle of Green Lanes between stationary streams of traffic. I am surprised deaths are not a daily occurrence.

Driving between stationary streams of traffic is called filtering, and is both legal and encouraged by the police on their Bikesafe course. Weaving around and undertaking traffic kerbside is of course idiotic.

Decades ago, by then living in the country, I got hit twice by cars while commuting to the local station on my bright yellow scooter that had a top box with reflective stripes. In both cases, the cars were pre-occupied  with watching out for other traffic at junctions to notice me !

Ken. Exactly, I rest my case. They aren’t all idiots, but often seemed to be automatically blamed

They're not all idiots. However, a large majority of them behave in a visibly idiotic and dangerous manner which is perhaps why they might occasionally get blamed when not at fault. Stereotypes do exist for a reason.

No they're not all idiots but they get paid, I assume, per delivery. This is not a responsible model, if true for the riders of these food delivery businesses. The model as I believe is to be this. The delivery riders are self employed and they are not the responsibility of whoever they deliver for. There is no legal contract between the business you order your food or supplies from, nor the individual who delivers it. This is a classic example of the no strings attached gig economy culture. If my reasoning is correct and I'm sure someone here will correct me if wrong then it explains my experience of these delivery riders being so reckless in their role. And will also explain the reasons behind the amount of accidents and deaths on the road that these delivery riders have. 

There is often confusion between the two types of scooter, there is the conventional sit-on one that is registered as a legal vehicle, and the stand-on electric 'toys'. Unfortunately, both seem to exist in a parallel universe to everything else and the latter being frequently used for food deliveries also, presumably to cut costs such as tax and insurance. The scooters seem to exist mainly to nourish the sofa-bound households who await the multiple deliveries of boxes of warm fat and carbohydrate.



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