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Witnessed young men on 5/6 scooters chasing and attacking another scooter rider on Cornwall Road this afternoon. The attackers were dressed all in black and some wore masks. They were surrounding what looked like a delivery scooter rider and kicking and smashing his bike. 

I was with my 18 month old son and another father and his daughter. The incident happened right in front of us and as it started we thought we were the target.

On the day after the tragic Finsbury Park attack it really makes me wonder what's happening to Britain and especially London. It truly saddens me that we are surrounded by such anger and aggression. It felt like the desperate lawlessness we saw in the summer of 2011.

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Sorry I was asking Jonathan!! I live on Cornwall road and that day I was out with my 15-month old son both in the morning and in the afternoon so it's a bit worrying that it happened in broad daylight like that :(

Please keep us posted

" They were kicking and smashing his bike "

Would they do that if they wanted to steal it ?



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