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Lynn Featherstone explains on LBC that because Haringeys teachers are paid inner London waiting salary , but the funding for pupils is outer London each pupil is given £1000 per year less funding,this works out at £32 million less money for our schools .This could mean redundancies for teachers.
So what has David Lammy ( eduction minister ) been doing to address this inbalance for our kids !!

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David Lammy isn't the education minister, he's the Minister for Higher Education and Intellectual Property, so schools funding doesn't fall into his remit - indeed, it isn't even in the remit of the department he works for (DaBIS), but for the Schools Minister Jim Knight at the DCSF.

So he couldn't do anything about it directly as a minister, but David and Labour in Haringey are supporting (as are the local LibDems and the local Tories) this brilliant campaign masterminded by Tony Brockman, Secretary of Haringey NUT. Everyone involved in education in Haringey knows that this funding imbalance isn't right and needs to be sorted.

(Political declerations: I am a Labour Party member in Harringay, and a trade unionist and teacher in Camden)
Yes , you are correct Lammy is a minister for higher education but he is still MP for this borough and this problem is here and now not 2011 when Ms Featherstone said it will be reviewed on the radio.
I have no political decleration, i just want fair play for the enormous council tax we pay.
Good on you for sticking up for Haringey's school kids. It is only the might of the NUT that has seen this become an issue of "not enough money for the kids" when in fact it's just as likely to be "too much money for the teachers". *ducks*

I believe David Lammy was an early signatory of Tony Brockman's No. 10 petition. I also suspect that given the deprivation and problems in Haringey and in particular the part that David is the MP for, we are unlikely to see him putting 100% into this... fair enough?
It's about what we get from central government to pay for education in Haringey, rather than council tax, in fact. Most London boroughs get an additional funding element known as the Area Cost Adjustment. Haringey loses out because the ACA is based upon labour costs in the area. Richmond upon Thames gets more than we do, because labour costs are higher among Richmond residents than Tottenham residents.

Lynne Featherstone doesn't quite get this point. Yes Haringey teachers are paid Inner london rates, and have been for so many years it can't be taken away now; it's enshrined in statute, in fact. But we are treated as if we are an outer London borough for funding purposes and this is shortchanging schools and kids.

Interest declared: I am a Labour Party member and local NUT rep, parent, teacher and school governor.
Well as we all know, having a 'Area Cost Adjustment' is a nonsense because London is expensive to live in right across Greater London. Defining school costs as Inner or Outer is totally misleading.

It will be difficult to get any party to do anything about this however, particularly as the main focus is to cut costs to pay back the country's ballooning deficit; now up at £800 billion.
Cut son of trident and there's 300 billion, can I be treasurer?
Our deficit is still low compared to France, Germany and the US as a percentage of our GDP (ability to pay it back). If the gub'ment stop spending now we're in the poo so it needs to get bigger.
Apparently if you vote LibDem they'll cut Trident for you but there's always that small problem of the reality of government once elected. Manifestos tend to fly out the window.
No-one has pulled me up on my maths.

The London weighting is not anywhere near £1000 per child.

Lynne Featherstone is point-scoring.

The problem is that some children are having twice as much (I think it's about £10K per child) spent on them as other children. Guess which schools they go to (and yes, some of them are in Haringey). £1000 is slightly more than a drop in the ocean but...



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