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After previous post of receiving section 44 as my son apparently it was bunking school although he told me it and admitted to three times I think there are 11 absences anyway saying your son has not showing up for registration can you tell us why he's not in school me being totally shocked I'm like that's not possible he promised he would never bounce the game their response was do you believe what your son says will actually I do and actually I do believe he didn't bunk off all them 11 times that you are saying so anyway I'm so upset I hung up I awaited for my son to show up from school 3:15 he opens the door as usual walks in I'm like why did you not go to school it was like what are you on about I was in school I explained that the school call saying you was not in school he was like mum I swear to you I was in school two days afterwards same thing again come lunchtime I sent his sister down to the school she found me up saying mom he's in school what are they on about so I found the school and say are you sure that my son is not in school they reply well yes obviously we would not have told you so I then say well I'm afraid to say he is in school after which felt like being criticised and belittled I got told while he must of missed registration which got me to think all them 11 times and being sectioned under 444 and my son swore down he never bunk school that many times and saying three to four if he bounced School and my son doesn't lie to me even if he has done wrong believe me he really doesn't lie to me so now I'm thinking out of all them times did he just miss registration after talking to my son he said Mom when the bus is late or that is traffic we walk through the front office and enter the class of the registration has been done obviously the school told me that he needs to go to the front desk to register my son did not know this so why walking through the front desk to go to class why did not the mother at the front desk approach my son and say have you registered for school also when they are more than five minutes late they are given detention even if it's not there fault so obviously my son would try to avoid that so my fight now is how do I know if my son was in school well I do know he was in school but school is saying in he is was not when it has been proven that he had just missed registration and did not bunk School please can I have your advice on what to do and what to say at this meeting as I asked the school and they said there is no proof of him attending School with my son's blind he did also the problem now last week Monday phone call again from the school say my son has high fever and can he come home of course absolutely Tuesday morning I found the school and say he is very sick and he's not coming to school Wednesday I phoned the school gone one pm as I was up all night with a sick child and left a message that he will not be coming to school possibly the whole week Thursday still I found the doctor and she said there's just a lot of illness going about no need to bring him in unless he's gets a very high fever again which has calm down and to leave him off school Friday I found the school saying that he will not be coming in the morning blah blah blah Saturday morning I get a letter saying can I give reason why my son has not attended school for Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday come on now has this school got it in for me I really need some good advice as the meeting is next week and I'm about to explode and I know I have to hold my temper down please guys some advice thank you.

Please excuse my grandma

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Am I too late? Has the meeting at school now happened? If not, show them this post! And tell them, as calmly as you can, what you have told us in this post. If they interrupt you while you are explaining, ask them to, politely, to wait until you have finished speaking. And the same rules apply to you; do not interupt them until they have finished speaking.

Suggest that you ask them how to monitor your son's presence and the arrival of the bus. Should he call into the reception office to log his attendance? If not, how should he do this? A clear and easy way for your son to register his attendance should be open to him, esp when the bus is late. 

Ask that another meeting date be arranged at the meeting so that you and the school can feedback about the success or failure of this new regime. 

Best of luck, JoJo - I hope you get a decent response.

Ask if form/class registers are also taken. If they are ask to see the class register entries for the same 11 absence dates the school say your son missed. 

Most schools have electronic entry, when he entered school late, ask why school did not ask your son to sign in  

i would suggest you ensure a paper trail from here on. When you contact the school email, to confirm your phone calls, and save your emails to a folder. Also if school phone you ask for an email to confirm the conversation. Save these mails too. 

Ask what the procedure is for late arrival. Make sure your son follows it in the future. 

these people should give you some good advice

03000 115 142

ACE - Advisory Centre for Education, telephone advice line

Monday and Tuesday 10.00am  - 1.00pm



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