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I've just seen this petition online.

Please consider signing to make drop off and pick up safer for parents and children in the Borough. 


More widely it raises questions about why Haringey is one of the only boroughs not to introduce safe school streets policies. 

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Haringey cabinet has now approved plans for school streets. (https://www.minutes.haringey.gov.uk/documents/g9445/Public%20report...  pages 81 - 170)

Of course approving and implementing are two different things.

The evidence suggests that this is a typical Haringey process. The plans have been decided, now they will consult

The proposal for St Gilda's in Crouch End seems the very reverse of a school street. The changes are permanent, rather than at school hours, and the effect of the one way systems will be to speed, rather than to eliminate the traffic.

Thanks for the heads-up.

I see that the two Harringay Ladder schools are programmed in Batch 2 (2020/21-2024/25), probably more towards the back-end of that window. 

Chestnuts is Batch 1. Woodlands seems to have been deemed unsuitable. 

7.10.2 - it'll take about 20 years to deliver School Streets to all Haringey schools.

"Once the COVID measures outside the 22 schools are completed(Batch 1). The Council proposes to deliver school streets at a rate of approximately 3 per year. This will allow for more comprehensive engagement with the schools and local community. The indicative programme shows that consultation and design could take place in the spring term, and works taking place in the school summer holidays. Some school streets are more complicated than others and may take longer. The Council will strive to deliver more school streets faster as it gains experience and expertise"

I’m not clear how quickly Batch 1 will be delivered. Batch 2 is budgeted as per my comment above. Is it your understanding that despite this, implementation will be very much later?

Nope, as you say N and S Harringay are in Batch 2 so that timeline seems reasonable, if unacceptable to me. My comment was more to do all of the whole of Haringey. It's great to see something but when I look at Hackney delivering 40 in one year, I not going to heap much praise on Haringey Council.

The project has been put together by the consultants Project Centre, renowned for their excellent work on the highly successful Liveable Crouch End Project.

Appendix 1 of the cabinet papers (p104) is their report.

It contains statements such as 

and that's it, all the explanation you get.

The Biggest Joke is that All Schools have valid Traffic Orders. for No Parking

But for reasons Only know by Councillors that do not seem to be Enforced  ?



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