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Hi all

Please can someone recommend a scaffolding company and someone to paint the exterior of our house. We are waiting on quotes from Radek and Nick Roche who are recommended on here. We would like another quote or two.

We would prefer recommendations by people who have had work done rather than trademen themselves.

I can't find any recent threads with this type of info hence I am posting again.



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Chap called Tim very good let me get back with his contact details
Tim's number 07748391292 he is fab.

thank you so much

thanks that is very good to know! all useful info.

So the quote from Radek came to just over 8k which includes scaffolding and VAT. I am very sure he would do an excellent job, so you get what you pay for, but this is just too much for us. I have not heard back from Nick Roche since he came to view the works we required and he has not replied to the two texts I sent him to find out if he could send us a quote.

I have arranged to meet with Tim who was recommended on this thread but I would love any other recommendations?!?! help me please HOLers.

Mirko is your man, treat him well, he'll treat you well. You'll need to find the scaf though. His vans been robbed so much on green lanes, he's sold it.

I know! I've given up with trying to get it done. I've had cowboys round to quote who were cheap but I didn't trust their workmanship, 2people who have been inconsistent in their communication which made me worry how reliable they would be if they started the job and then one person who would be thorough but for 8k it's too expensive. I spent weeks chasing quotes and now I'm defeated. I hate trying to get works done.

My husband, David, is a reliable and hard-working painter/decorator - he'd be really happy to give you a quote if you do decide to get the work done.  His number is 07794 441874

Try calling bright construction 07540900754
Newby and Son has done great job on exterior of our Victorian terrace, plus the neighbour's (and very fine interior renovation to Victorian moldings). See www.newbyandson.co.uk. Based in Crouch End.
Hi there Sally my name is Richard Sheridan i am a local builder/decorator maybe I can come and give you a free quotation you can find all my contact details on my website www.homeforlifepropertymaintenance.co.uk best regards Richard


Yes, you should look at Peter Michael - he painted my whole house including my bedrooms and front outside. They even sorted out the scaffolding themselves.

We didn't have any problems at all. They finished the job right on time and at a decent price.

Here's their number: Peter 07932937228. Think their based in Wood Green...Good luck



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