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The campaign to save our local Crown Post Office has been going for the best part of a year and we would like to thank everyone for their continued support.

This Saturday, 9th December, we are having a big push to get more people from the local community to join us for as long or short as they are able.

We will be outside the Crown Office from 10am - 12.30pm and David Lammy MP is due to be joining us at 11.30am.

It would be great to see as may people as possible - Also if you have any Xmas decorations that need recycling please bring them along!

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I really hope the protest went well and people were made aware how important the Post Office is.

  I am ex Harringay resident and remember that the Post Office was part of our living, and always just there for us.

  Good luck in your efforts.

               Roy Bowker

Yes, it was a great protest! Let's keep up the pressure and keep our Post Office open! 

It was a very well supported demo with 30+ people there and many passers by on Green Lanes expressing support and signing the petition to keep the PO open. David Lammy and local councillor Zena Brabazon joined us and gave rousing speeches on what the PO meant to the community and why it must be retained. While Post Office Ltd. is still owned by the government, there are only about 300 Crown Post Offices left in the country with the rest (around 11,000) franchised out  and reduced to counters, either in village shops or newsagents. 

Dear Jamousa;  I'm glad the protest went well.  I'm wondering if you were organising the event if you could take the posters down from Green Lanes.  I sent an email to the address at the bottom of the poster about a week ago, but I heard nothing back.  It's great to put signs up to advertise your event or protest, but it's even more important to take them down afterwards.  Regards, 

Totally agree Mr Cowper. Only yesterday I tore down posters near Crouch End library advertising events in October and November.

Dear Cowper, I was a supporter of the protest but not the organiser and did not put up the posters. Perhaps the organiser(s) felt that as the issue is an ongoing one the posters might remain until new ones go up when the campaign resumes after the New Year break. Best wishes,

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