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Hello all,

The three state-funded nursery schools in Haringey - Woodlands Park, Rowland Hill and Pembury House are currently unsure about the future of their funding from Haringey Council.  The government is launching a consultation into the future of state run nursery schools, however while that takes place Haringey Council must ensure it continues to financially support these three nurseries.  Please support your local state funded nurseries by viewing and signing the petition below.


I have personally had the pleasure of working with two of the nurseries as arts practitioner, my two sons attended nursery provision and after school club at Woodlands and I have been a part of their parents forum.  The fantastic environment, teaching and creative practice I saw at Woodlands inspired me to study as a Montessori practitioner and I am currently registering to be a childminder in the local area.  These nursery schools offer professional development to local practitioners, parents workshops and family learning.  The vast knowledge and skills of their staff is shared widely across the borough and the impact they have can be seen throughout our inspiring children and young people.

I hope you feel compelled to sign the petition.

Many thanks,


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Thanks Anna.  The petition has now been signed by 374 people but we would love to get it up to 1000+ if possible.  Please sign, folks!  And do share with your friends and networks.

PS Only a week to go - the petition closes on 13 May.

Signed, both my children went to Woodlands for day care and then after school clubs. It's an amazing place and would be a tragedy if it had to close.



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