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Haringey Council is planning to DESTROY our HOMES!

Please, please, please, don't ignore this! 

I'm more than slightly alarmed at the Woodgreen AAP (Area Action Plan) now currently includes knocking down all of Caxton rd, and neighbouring houses, to build a pedestrian retail space with a view!

Yes! Including our nice irreplaceable Victorian houses!

I am opposing their plan, but need your voices too.

Please follow link below and sign the petition to ​​

prevent Plans to demolish our street.




Please sign, then share on all social media platforms with a personal comment expressing the importance.




Please agree with appropriate comments here, the council’s forum for consultation:




slightly trickier; there are now at least 5 comments logged in the last few weeks by neighbours, to the effect of; “Caxton road”, ”Mayes road”, “Plans to demolish our homes” etc…

Please click to agree with them, again please share them on fb etc and potentially write your own.


Potentially consider independently emailing your opposition to localplan@haringey.gov.uk


Here’s a link to the Councils plan: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/sites/haringeygovuk/files/aap_med_res_16mb_0.pdf


The brief 'Regulation 18' Public Consultation ends 31st March, if we don't speak up it may be too late!


Website https://mrdavekingett.wixsite.com/saveourhomes has both links to the petition and the ‘commonplace’ Council forum.​

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Whilst I am generally pro-development (even the large scale unpopular ones) I think to demolish this charming little street would be unforgiveable.  I have signed and chipped in a tenner to aid the cause.  Good luck.

Thank you Antoinette. Most kind. I too am in favour of positive progress. THIS is Madness! Big thanks again :)

As regards the Andover Estate, there were proposals to knock it down and start again which came to nothing.  It went to full consultation and the proposals were rejected in their entirety.  There are no current or proposed plans to redevelop the Andover Estate.

Yes sorry, my bad. I'm conflating it with Arlington Way.

But you must also bear in mind that the prices paid under the "right to buy" will also have been considerably under the market rate and then discounted according to the number of years the purchaser has been a tenant up to a maximum of 70% or £77,000.

Because they own a lot of commercial real-estate around Wood Green that will increase in value if they get a crossrail 2 station there. I suspect that it's their part of the bargain for the first phase of the HDV although at £2 billion it's still undervalued IMHO.

Anyway, the idea is that they put it into the HDV bundle valued at "no station" but the actual value is "likely station if we get our way" which will benefit the developers.

Well they are selected by our local Labour Party members. When I focus my attention on these selection meetings and bring up any wrong doing I'm not doing it because I like to make a fuss. I'm doing it because it leads EXACTLY to stuff like this.

In most wards in Haringey the Labour Party candidate would be elected if it was a cat. Participation in the selection meetings should be compulsory or you end up with people like them, party apparatchiks.

Cross Rail projects are a way to make land more valuable. The government spends the money (it's own money that it magically borrows from itself but not so much that there's too much around) and the developers reap the profits.

I wish people would see that £20 million over ten years at 17% is the same as £90 million over ten years at 1% and get bloody building!

Hi Dave, What's the latest situation on this? Since you originally published this I've learned that Caxton Road, and the part of Mayes Road behind it has the only surviving mid nineteenth century houses in central Wood Green. It would seem a shame to lose them.



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