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Haringey Council is planning to DESTROY our HOMES!

Please, please, please, don't ignore this! 

I'm more than slightly alarmed at the Woodgreen AAP (Area Action Plan) now currently includes knocking down all of Caxton rd, and neighbouring houses, to build a pedestrian retail space with a view!

Yes! Including our nice irreplaceable Victorian houses!

I am opposing their plan, but need your voices too.

Please follow link below and sign the petition to ​​

prevent Plans to demolish our street.




Please sign, then share on all social media platforms with a personal comment expressing the importance.




Please agree with appropriate comments here, the council’s forum for consultation:




slightly trickier; there are now at least 5 comments logged in the last few weeks by neighbours, to the effect of; “Caxton road”, ”Mayes road”, “Plans to demolish our homes” etc…

Please click to agree with them, again please share them on fb etc and potentially write your own.


Potentially consider independently emailing your opposition to localplan@haringey.gov.uk


Here’s a link to the Councils plan: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/sites/haringeygovuk/files/aap_med_res_16mb_0.pdf


The brief 'Regulation 18' Public Consultation ends 31st March, if we don't speak up it may be too late!


Website https://mrdavekingett.wixsite.com/saveourhomes has both links to the petition and the ‘commonplace’ Council forum.​

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Wasn't aware of this Dave but then the plans are wide ranging and comprehensive, with the AAP document running into some 170 pages. Most peeople aren't going to read it. I started to look at it and found the overall retail scheme a little hard to grasp. One part seems to favour pushing retail away from the lower High st (Turnpike Lane end) and encouraging (via Planning) business into the central Wood Green retail development ( currently Shopping City but, with ambitions for Crossrail). They plan to take down the connecting bridge between both sides of the Mall as well.

Do you own your property? If the development becomes Crossrail led you'll be up against a powerful developer. Their stated aim is to realise large retail developments around each Crossrail station to bring in rental income to help pay for Crossrail. Around some of their central London development sites for Crossrail 1 it is incredible how many buildings they have razed to the ground to realise their development ambitions. At Tottenham Court Rd Station they knocked down Denmark Street, known for a famous jazz bar & it's music shops. A big campaign was launched to stop it with many famous musicians on board but they were ignored. Contact your MP Catherine West.

Hi Matt, thanks for your reply and advice. Yes I own my property and have spoken to MP Catherine West, who was supportive to myself and other local residents. Please join the petition and share, and with enough voices maybe sanity will prevail this time!


Would be interested to know her advice Dave. It looks like they plan to replace the Caxton houses with a public square and thoroughfare from High Street to the new western area housing development. They could put the square on the other side of Caxton Rd instead.

For other readers ... a visual is aways best for trying to realise the council's ambitions. Not 5 or even 10 years of building works, not a small area of the central borough but, a whole generational timeframe and encompassing pretty much the whole of Wood Green! Do nothing since the 80s ( when Shopping City was developed and excepting the later Vue Cinemas development) and suddenly it's as if a giant has awoken ...

Click on image for more detail;

Hi, we're following the advice; speaking to Councillors, residents and council officers. Grow petition support and submit alternatives as part of consultation. Speaking to the press etc.

Just what's in this photo has to have a market value of much more than £2 billion. Lendlease are getting such a good deal... probably nothing to do with their stock price moving up like that when they were announced as the preferred bidder...

They do give market value on compulsory purchase orders but usually they're in estates where property is well below what might be considered market value.

Market value already negatively impacted by potential threat of demolition, and our home is worth so much more to us than everybody else in world, because it's our lives that revolve around it! Schools, friends, work and local facilities all considered and optimised for our lives! and Yes- I've sought legal advice.

Impact already is harmful to a positive family life.

It's not allowed to include the threat of demolition. The usual danger is for leaseholders who have exercised their right-to-buy. Councils in London are responsible for some beautiful estates that they're under a lot of pressure to demolish and rebuild denser as they're costing a lot to maintain. There are poorly built buildings that require new roofs twice as often as other buildings because they were not designed well in the post-war building period, Andover Estate around Finsbury Park for example. If you own a flat in there, then when they rebuild you won't be able to buy one of the new ones as you'll now be in the same market as the rest of us so twice the price that you will have received from the council. This is why I cannot understand people exercising their right-to-buy if they want to stay in London yet live in a council owned block of flats. They're under pressure to build an enormous number of homes every year and pretty much HALF of the housing available to densify is council owned.

Here's an example of politicians getting behind this, gently... James Murray being the Alan Strickland of Islington. When they get stuff like this in the press it crowds out the actual problem demolitions and also adds unfair "balance" to what is being done.

I think you're in an unusual situation because the council will not be building you a new Victorian terraced house... I can't imagine a judge letting them do this to UK freehold property, we have a reputation as a safe haven for assets to maintain!

Thank you.

You're a bit behind the times John.....James Murray is now the Deputy Mayor for London for Housing and Residential Development


Poor Alan and Claire backed the wrong horse :(

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