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Is the Salisbury Hotel actually still a hotel?

If not, does anyone have a hotel recommendation?

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No, The Salisbury hasn't been a hotel for a long time.

For local hotels, go to the "Info" tab above and select the 'Local Hotels' option. That will link to hotels around the area, conversations on HoL about the merits of places to stay + local airbnb listings. It's all on HoL!!

Thanks, hadn't noticed that part of the site before. Shame the three local places get such poor reviews!

Sadly probably deserved. Re Gina's comment below. I've met Sally and Chris a few times and been to open garden events they take part in - great people, great house and from the airbnb listing, great looking accommodation.

Next my friends Sally and Chris run a lovely at b'n'b in Eade Road with great reviews. I'm sure she on this site, and she is on the air b'n'b site. Email back if you can't find her



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