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Hi! i am a native Russian speaker who completed Bsc with hons degree in the UK. if anyone is interested in learning or improving their russian language please contact me. i can also help with translations.

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Hello Kleshnia. I am interested in learning ( absolute beginner )

I have sent you a contact request so we can discuss.

Me too, actually, if you fancy putting a small class together?

yes, that would be great! need to get more people together and think about the place we could do the class. any ideas?

Hi, i have accepted your request. Contact me when you are free

My wife is a translator who might be able to point you in the direction of freelance work.

Have you tried Proz?

that sounds good! i want to do freelance but not sure how to get there. i will have a look at proz

Well, Hugh I guess she lost interest

Nie goverit pa russki for the foreseeable future.

I've not heard anything back either.


I'd been looking forward to that.

i have been busy moving from one place to another! now im back on track :)



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