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Results of the third and fourth week of selections for Labour Party candidates for next May's Council elections.

(See update#3 for previous votes.) 

Results so far from Week 4.  Candidates for Fortis Green (done), Highgate, and  Muswell Hill will be selected Tuesday and Wednesday.

Crouch End

Jason Arthur  Sarah Elliot  Natan Doron  triggered and stood down.

Selected -   Charley Allen, Annette Baker  and Will Sherett


Liz McShane  reselected.  James_Patterson stood down.  Selected - Nikki Pound & Sean O'Donovan 

(David Beacham Lib. is third incumbent)

Fortis Green

Pat Berryman moved to fight new ward - Bounds Green

Update Tuesday - Marta Gave , Jessica Tabois &  Anna Lawton all selected

(Martin Newton + Viv Ross, Libs, incumbents)

Muswell Hill -

Mark Blake selected elsewhere.  (Woodside)

Shortlisted Shani Kara, Pete Chalk and Tom Peters  

(Pip Connor, Gail Engert Libs, incumbents)


(Clive Carter, Bob Hare, Liz Morris, Libs, incumbents)

shortlist - Shahab Mossavat, Emma Whysall, & Shani Kara

Completed results from week 3

Bounds Green

Ali Demirci and Joanna Christophides triggered. Clare Bull stood down.

Selected - Yvonne Say, Pat Berryman & James Chiriyankandath


Gina Adamou and Zena Brabazon re-selected. Sarah James selected.


Adam Jogee re-selected. Jennifer Mann triggered. Elin Weston re-selected after reballot due to tie. Selected  - Dana Carlin

St Ann’s

Noah Tucker re-selected.  Barbara Blake triggered. Ali Gul Ozbek stood down.

Julie Davies and Mike Hakata selected.

Stroud Green

Kirsten Hearn re-selected. Raj Sahota and Tim Gallagher stood down.

Eldridge Culverwell and Daniel Stone selected. [correction]

Map so far:

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Thank you. 

Thanks John

sorry for late response. So much work and other activity this time of year.

Ive now read all the links. It tells me a lot about local politicking but not so much about the current proposals for housing development or better alternative.

I did read your critique but it was more about process than substance I felt as you were mist concerned with how it was handled rather than outcome.

As an observer it feels to me like the important housing needs have become a political football which is sad as they are so important. 

id really like to see some independent verifier/review of the HDV ahead of the key decisions to be taken by the current council and the one formed after next May  



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