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Results of the third and fourth week of selections for Labour Party candidates for next May's Council elections.

(See update#3 for previous votes.) 

Results so far from Week 4.  Candidates for Fortis Green (done), Highgate, and  Muswell Hill will be selected Tuesday and Wednesday.

Crouch End

Jason Arthur  Sarah Elliot  Natan Doron  triggered and stood down.

Selected -   Charley Allen, Annette Baker  and Will Sherett


Liz McShane  reselected.  James_Patterson stood down.  Selected - Nikki Pound & Sean O'Donovan 

(David Beacham Lib. is third incumbent)

Fortis Green

Pat Berryman moved to fight new ward - Bounds Green

Update Tuesday - Marta Gave , Jessica Tabois &  Anna Lawton all selected

(Martin Newton + Viv Ross, Libs, incumbents)

Muswell Hill -

Mark Blake selected elsewhere.  (Woodside)

Shortlisted Shani Kara, Pete Chalk and Tom Peters  

(Pip Connor, Gail Engert Libs, incumbents)


(Clive Carter, Bob Hare, Liz Morris, Libs, incumbents)

shortlist - Shahab Mossavat, Emma Whysall, & Shani Kara

Completed results from week 3

Bounds Green

Ali Demirci and Joanna Christophides triggered. Clare Bull stood down.

Selected - Yvonne Say, Pat Berryman & James Chiriyankandath


Gina Adamou and Zena Brabazon re-selected. Sarah James selected.


Adam Jogee re-selected. Jennifer Mann triggered. Elin Weston re-selected after reballot due to tie. Selected  - Dana Carlin

St Ann’s

Noah Tucker re-selected.  Barbara Blake triggered. Ali Gul Ozbek stood down.

Julie Davies and Mike Hakata selected.

Stroud Green

Kirsten Hearn re-selected. Raj Sahota and Tim Gallagher stood down.

Eldridge Culverwell and Daniel Stone selected. [correction]

Map so far:

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real change for a change ,fantastic and I don't have to stand outside meetings freezing anymore to leaflet them YAY

Are you in the Labour Party, Mr Dream? There are many hundreds of new members and I'd like to see the two constituency party (voluntary) officers further encouraging them to start expressing those new ideas and lots of perfectly sound old ideas, as well.

And I'd also hope to see that process extend to people outside the party - yes other left parties, and members of no party.
(Maybe even the failed KoberTories. Provided they stop sulking and forget their supposed entitlement to public office and free dinners; and devotion to the top-down, leader-leader-and-did-I-mention-leader authoritarian dysfunctional twaddle.)

Please forget the garbage about everybody holding some rigid political views. That's just the alibi put forward by the patsies playing at being property developers.

many hundreds thousands.

Well Pam, as you know the two Haringey Parties claim a couple of thousand. But actually we know from tweets by Claire Kober & her friends that actually it's only a few hard lefties. A member of the AWL which as everyone knows is a small pointed boring implement. Plus a few ranting Trots who've obviously forged Party cards which they've cut in two. Maybe they think they can vote twice.

I look forward to your ideas, Mr Dream. Added to the salad of new thoughts and renewed old thoughts.

This should no longer be a bunch of servile Kobots in pre-pre-meetings to decide the line in pre-meetings. With more secret meetings on yachts, posh hotels, restaurants, directors' boardrooms, "Shadow Boards" and all the other diseased, decayed, anti-democratic ways this council has been stitched-up.

Time to stop picking residents' pockets to pay for one-sided Pravda magazines. 

How about sunshine and fresh air? Openness by default. Consultation by default. Discussion and debate by default. Stuff the 3 minute deputation while they roll their eyes and play a game on their mobile. Invite alternative views by default.

It is forbidden to forbid reading secret hidden exempt yellow pages which decide people's futures without asking or telling them.

Anyway that's some of my personal un-ossified dreaming.

Quote from one candidate :  In the selection of Labour candidates for the Haringey Council elections next May, 27 (or 55%) of the sitting councillors (including 4 Cabinet members) have been selected again - 23 were reselected by their ward parties, 1 was reselected in a contest, and 3 selected in other wards. Of the other 22, 7 (including 1 Cabinet member) stood down, 9 (including 3 Cabinet members) withdrew from contested selections, and 6 (including 2 Cabinet members and the chief whip) were replaced in contests. The spread of outcomes reflects a healthy democratic process at work.

High five Pam!

Of course in last night's council meeting a lot of the councillors who stood down or were deselected didn't turn up (20?). Those that made it through tweeted criticism of others (Joe Goldberg, I thought you were better than that) and pretended nothing had happened. It's not about the politics, it's the lack of respect for voting, let along democracy. I wonder what shit they're up to now to make sure the HDV goes through in some form or other?

I've been asking people to imagine Santa Klaus leaving a very special present. A list of the million most pointless ways to spend the remaining minutes and hours of your life.

John, listening to and reading the tweets of Joe D. Goldberg would surely be prominent in your own personal list?

I stopped following @JoeDGoldberg years ago because his feed is just for his "followers", not his followers. If @JonathanPieN17MartinBallN17 retweets him I see it.

Those in office have a democratic mandate till May from the wider electorate

I hope they do get the HDV done and dusted.

it might not be perfect but it offers lots of new housing and practical solutions

do the opponents of hdv have a better plan or anything constructive? Or is just opposition?

really hope we aren't going to see a Haringey council more interested in gesture politics than getting things done 

Er - something that doesn't sign away everything we own in one great lump?  Do a pilot to see how it goes?



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